Cool Homemade Skeletor Halloween Costume

My Skeletor Halloween Costume was basically some old Halloween costume pieces and clothing I had laying around the house. Some things were purchased at a Halloween store (the shoulder pad, bones, and skull belt piece) then I just spray painted purple and once it dried I spray painted over in black very lightly giving it a rough/worn look.

The cape was from when I was 13 and did the same thing spray painting it purple and black. The boots were just purple socks and I wore water shoes under neath. I wore black gloves that were laying in a drawer, and the belt was made of purple fabric and some foam protector material that I found in a suitcase! Once again just spray painted the foam pieces purple and black. Really I may have spent about $60 and 2 weeks making it. I was going for a more updated look as if they made a Master of the Universe movie today rather than a Classic 80’s look.

This costume was made in 2008, but I plan on wearing it again this year 2010.

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