Coolest Skeletor Costume

Homemade Skeletor Costume

I was Skeletor, pretty sick huh? The blue is fat lady sweats I got from Walmart and had a friend sew them skin tight, the purple is material I bought at Walmart and cut-‘n-sewed myself. The face of the Skeletor Costume is prosthetic latex mask glued to my face. Boots are work boots painted purple … Read more

Coolest Homemade Skeletor Halloween Costume

Homemade Skeletor Halloween Costume

This year my son and I had aspired to create the ultimate costume. After careful collaboration we concluded that one of the greatest villans to ever wreak havoc, with a sinister look was none other than SKELETOR, from Mattels’ Masters of the universe. We decided to make the end result of our Homemade Skeletor Halloween … Read more

Cool Homemade Skeletor Halloween Costume

Homemade Skeletor Halloween Costume

My Skeletor Halloween Costume was basically some old Halloween costume pieces and clothing I had laying around the house. Some things were purchased at a Halloween store (the shoulder pad, bones, and skull belt piece) then I just spray painted purple and once it dried I spray painted over in black very lightly giving it … Read more

Coolest Homemade Skeletor Costume

Homemade Skeletor Costume

I decided to create a homemade Skeletor costume since I had a reputation among my friends of usually having the best costume. I really think I out did myself this time though. I searched the internet for various more detailed photos of Skeletor so I could use as a reference. Once I found a couple … Read more


Originally was going to do Thundercats but kept seeing the skull mask in different stores. Going off the theme of a childhood cartoon I chose Skeletor and Evil Lynn, a masters of the universe costume. The mask is the only item bought and worn as is. It was the foam kind that glued down to … Read more

Coolest Skeletor from He Man Costume

Skeletor Costume

I decided one day to make a Skeletor from He Man costume. He is one of the coolest villains to rule the television. I only make my costumes from scratch. So I started with a picture of him, and went to work. I bought fabric, foam, and various household/store items and began working. I spent … Read more