Coolest Homemade Skeletor Costume

I decided to create a homemade Skeletor costume since I had a reputation among my friends of usually having the best costume. I really think I out did myself this time though. I searched the internet for various more detailed photos of Skeletor so I could use as a reference. Once I found a couple good ones I began constructing the costume.

Supplies used:

Spiked Bracelets/Belts (cut up and sewed on to various pieces of my costume).

Skull Belt Buckle (middle medallion in center of my chest).

The perfect skeleton mask (mouth moves with my jaw and has black see through netting in the eyes and mouth).

2nd mask (this one had light up eyes in it which I cut out and hot glued inside the other mask.

Airbrush machine (to airbrush my body. I ordered a special paint that is sweat proof and doesn’t rub off).

Yellow spray-paint (to paint the mask yellow).

Fabric (picked up the purple and black fabric, a couple different textures for different parts).

The crossing pieces on my body are actually old black seat belts).

Buttons (silver buttons are sewed on the different armor pieces and the skirt to add detail)

The construction of my homemade Skeletor costume took about a month to make since I was trying to figure out different ideas as I went along. The armor pieces on my shoulder actually have thin foam sewn into them along with the arm and leg armor to add bulk.

I put the costume on in this order: First take the time to airbrush my body. Didn’t do the legs in this pic but will when I dress up for the real thing. I have black spandex on. I added darker shading paint to make it look like my muscles and abs are better than they really are. I then put the skirt on and my leg armor pieces, the hood, shoulder piece, arm armor, mask, hood up and ready to go.

I’m aware of my staff not having the correct rams skull on it right now. I’m in the process of finding or creating one. Besides that, my homemade Skeletor costume came out better than I had ever imagined.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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