My daughter came up with this character in a dream.  It is actually the evil sister, Raven, of one of her dream characters. We started by finding the dress at a thrift store. Lacy, black and grey…perfect!  I cut two raven shapes out of craft foam, one to glue onto the mask and one to glue onto the belt.

The Horns – we used high density foam and shaped them into horns.  We then wrapped them with string to achieve that ridge look and slathered them with a few layers of a glue/water mix over a few days.  After that we painted the foam black and removed the string once dried.  I then hot glued the horns onto a black plastic headband.

The Wings – I used wire and duct tape to create a skeleton for the wing shape.  We then sewed on a base layer of dark grey fabric over the top of the skeleton.  We cut scale shapes out of the same craft foam and hot glued each one on individually.  This was by far the longest part, as there are over 1000 scales, front and back.  After they were all glued on we went back over with black paint to create some highlights.  She also wanted a few scales to be glittered, and of course, some glow in the dark.

Add a pair of leggings, boots and meshy arm thingies, and we have ourselves Raven.