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Coolest Homemade Pink Salmon Costume

I wanted to make a Pink Salmon Costume for my little niece Cheyenne, since her mother and father, and myself, all work in the fisheries industry in Washington state and of course since the costume was for a little girl, I chose a Pink Salmon.

I started with a little vest that I had and made a giant fish body around it. I stuffed it with a bunch of batting to make it really puffy and soft, then I added pink and green shiny material for the sides and I chose flashy sparlkly material, that had sequins on it, so it would look like fish scales for the belly material.

I made fins for over the sleeves holes of the vest, and I added a cardboard piece inside the tail, so it would stand up and waggle back and forth as she walked down the street. I added eyes and spots and all the other details that you might find on a salmon. We put her in a pink hooded sweatshirt and sweat pants under the costume.

The costume turned out great and little Cheyenne didn’t want to take if off when she was done trick or treating.

Homemade Pink Salmon Costume

Homemade Pink Salmon Costume

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