Ok, sooo I’m sure some of u are wondering what a dork fish is… well only people that watch Blue Collar Comedy would really know what it is unless you have heard it from someone. A dork fish is a silly thing that my husband started calling our son after watching that show. It was said by Bill Engvall and its funny!!! The saying is…”I’m a dorkfish he caught me on a corndog!” LOL its weird I know! Anyway, so my son wanted to be a dorkfish for Halloween so I got my creative wheels turning and here’s the homemade dork fish costume I created!!

The actual fish is made from a large piece of pink vinyl siding backing board that can be purchased at your nearest home improvement store… we got ours at LOWES. I cut it into a large fish shape with a box cutter and painted it with orange, blue, and glitter spray paint. I then painted small round paper plates that I got from Wal-mart for like maybe a $1 the same colors. I hot glued them to the fish making sure to overlap them giving the appearance of scales.

I had some white fur-like material left over from a previous project that I dyed with tea to give it a dirty hair look. I cut it in the shape of a mullet and glued it to the fish with hot glue. I took one of my husband’s old NAPA hats and glued it on as well. I BORROWED some of my husband fishing lures and bobbers that I had removed the hooks from and glued them on as well. The lips and big tooth are made from felt.

I made a neck harness for him to be able to wear the homemade dork fish costume out of a long piece of felt that I had cut into a strip. I hot glued one end to the fish and held it up to my son to measure how high I wanted it on him before I cut and glued the other piece.

This turned out to be really cute!! I dressed up like a redneck with overalls and Bubba teeth and carried around a fishing pole with a corndog that I had made from felt on the end. I couldn’t find a picture of us together sorry… but he loved getting all the attention when we went out for Halloween!!