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Coolest Homemade Pikachu and Ash Couple Halloween Costume Ideas


For Pikachu’s costume, I purchased a simple yellow tube dress on clearance and altered it to the correct size/length. I purchased the yellow leg warmers on ebay. For Pikachu’s ears, I used rabbit ears leftover from Easter – I stripped the fabric off the ears and re-covered them with yellow and black felt. I wanted Pikachu’s tail to be the focal point because it’s so large in proportion to his body, so I bought a yard of yellow felt, cut it out in the shape of his tail, glued it together with hot glue, and stuffed it with polyester fiber. I attached the tail onto the dress in three places by sewing it onto the dress – this way, it would be sturdy and stand up. The very top of the tail was safety-pinned onto the bottom of a piece of elastic that was attached to the headband – this helped the very tip of the tail stay perfectly upright but allowed it to bounce around perkily, and the headband fit so well that the tail did not drag it off. I used the leftover yellow felt from the tail to cover an old pair of unwanted heels to mimic Pikachu’s pointy feet and to create a stuffed lightning bolt to carry around. Pikachu’s brown stripes and bottom of the tail were created with brown felt, while the gloves were made from dishwashing gloves that were cut and glued to be more fitting. Large red circles for cheeks and a dot of black face paint for the nose completed the look.


My boyfriend’s Ash costume was created using a bunch of materials found at a used second-hand store. I purchased a white collared shirt, green t-shirt, blue t-shirt and old 80’s jeans. The sleeves were cut off the blue t-shirt and glued to the white collared shirt – the trim, button and pockets on the shirt were painted on with yellow fabric paint. Ash’s hat is made from a red trucker hat with the logo painted on with green fabric paint. His gloves were a pair of army green gloves I purchased and cut the fingers off of. Ash’s pokéball for carrying Pikachu was created by painting a Styrofoam ball found at a local craft store and wrapping it with felt. The leftover black felt from Pikachu’s ear tips was cut and attached to the hat to create Ash’s crazy animal hair.

That is how we put together our Homemade Pikachu and Ash Couple Halloween Costume Ideas.

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10 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Pikachu and Ash Couple Halloween Costume Ideas”

  1. can I have your ears and tail? LOL they are so awesome. I bought some on eBay and they are too small, I like how you made everything larger

  2. I LOVE these costumes! I want to do this with my bf for Halloween this year and was wondering if you’d want to sell the costumes. I don’t need the heels or Ash’s pants… What size dress do you wear? I’m a 6… Let me know. Id be happy to buy them!

  3. I love the creativity! I think this would be a really awesome costume!!!! If my boyfriend approves i want to try this out this Halloween! thanks for the IDEAS! :D!

  4. i only want the pikachu costume i luv pikachu so much its my fav pokemon nd this is the best pikachu costume i seen 4 pikachu evr i wanna buy it plz i luv pijkachu so much i have ppl call me pikachu can u sell that costum to me puh-leze


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