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Impressive DIY Peacock Costume

Well, I don’t believe there is a more beautiful, exotic animal on this earth than the colorful and flamboyant Peacock! So, I thought…what a great costume idea! I got online and went crazy buying tons of “CRUELTY FREE” peacock feathers, and hit up the craft stores for other fake feathers.

I just bought a padded black tank top and the hot glue gun became my new BFF! I literally just started hot gluing piece by piece each feather (I cut most of the peacock feathers down to just the “eye”) in a pattern that I thought looked pretty and tada…my top!

Then I took about a 10in long by 5in wide piece of cardboard and attached (by hot glue!) the 10-12in long full peacock feathers in a fanned patterned about half way up the cardboard, leaving the bottom half empty. Then the bottom half just slide underneath my tank top in the back leaving just the feathers exposed.

For my skirt I bought black, purple, and turquoise tulle and made a tutu by cutting strips of each color and tying them to a piece of elastic my waist size (there are tutorials of tutu making on Youtube…SUPER easy!!) Then I found a peacock feather strand of garland at Michaels and tied that around my waist and let it hang down the back.

For the head piece I just hot glued some feathers on one of my daughter’s barrettes. I paired all of this with some fish net stockings, sweet shoes from eBay, blue hairspray, and funky makeup and there ya go!

Homemade Peacock Costume

Homemade Peacock Costume

Homemade Peacock Costume

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