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Coolest Homemade Peacock Child Costume

Each year my child challenges me with a new costume idea. This year after a trip to the zoo she decided that she must be a PEACOCK! So off I went to figure out how to turn her into the beautiful bird.

To mimic the birds bright blue body I purchased a body suit and painted it with a mix of green and blue metallic fabric paint. This required several coats, but turned out shiny and fabulous. I ordered the peacock feather on-line and to create the tail I hot glued the feather between two pieces of hard felt cut into a half moon. I attached, with hot glue again, elastic waist band so it would sit on her waist. I then created a fun skirt out of strips of tulle in shades of blue, brown, and green.

I purchased a paper mask, built the beak with Sculpty clay and painted it and added feathers. I finished off the homemade peacock child costume with tights and a pair of ballet slippers. The outfit turned out AMAZING and the massive peacock tail was a show stopper that drew attention where ever she went.

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