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Coolest Homemade Mr. T Halloween Costume

OK Fools… Here’s the “T”! I was sitting around like a fool Friday night wondering what to do for my costume then it hit me, I could be the baddest fool pittier on the planet- MR.T!

The main part of my Homemade Mr. T Halloween Costume is ME. Anyone can throw on some black face paint and get a bald cap, glue some felt onto it, wrap some gold rope around their neck and think they’re the “T”.

Such is not the case! Being “T” takes attitude- Bad Attitude! You need to be one with your inner “T” spirit. Pitty-in’ Fools aint no job, it’s a way of life!

Now, to the costume itself. I assume you do not have ME available for use so you’ll have to use YOU. Basically, I am built like Mr. T in his heyday, so the body issues you fools will encounter can be taken care of with a little pillow foam stuffed into your shirts. I went all the way with this costume and had my hair “coiffed” exactly like T’s. I already had some stubble and a gotea so the beard was easy.

I stenciled and masked my face and head then had “FACE” apply my make-up (cheap-o black skin tone from Walgreens). I already owned all of the clothing you see, right down to the fool pitty-in’ combat boots. The jewelry is simply Christmas tree bead strands that will be used again in a month or so, recycling saves cash!
If going out drinking, this costume is very drunk friendly. Expect to have your picture taken regularly and many shots of Jager purchased for you! To go even further, you can bring an empty carton of milk to pour your drink into as Mr. T would recommend you “drink your milk and eat your vegetables!”

All in all, I had about 1 hour and $10 into this Homemade Mr. T Halloween Costume which netted me a few hundred Halloween night at a couple of bars.
I love it when a plan comes together!

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