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Coolest Homemade Mister T Halloween Costume

Items needed for a Homemade Mister T Halloween Costume :
1 four foot chain of gold beads
2 three foot gold colored dog chains
1 paid of Camo pants
1 pair combat boots (or old NIKE tennis shoes)
1 pair red socks
1 fake machine gun
4-5 fake dollar store rings
1 fake ear ring
1 bottle black makeup
1 bottle darkest color liquid cover up
2-3 makeup sponges
1 plastic container
1 can black spray hair color
1 tight red short sleeve shirt
1 tight black under armor type long sleeve shirt

Steps to reproduce
1) shave head leaving the mowhawk and outlines
2) Spray hair black
3) dress into clothes socks and shoes
4) mix the makeup to get a color that looks natural and dark on your skin
5) apply makeup to all exposed skin areas
6) put on rings, chains, and earrings
7) go Party and “PITTY THE FOO!”

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