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Coolest Homemade Mr Mistoffelees Costume Idea

My children love the musical Cats. My daughter insisted on being Mr. Mistoffelees. She already had the black shirt and legging pants from last year when she went as Sandy from Grease.

At the Craft store we purchased silver glitter fabric paint for $3.99. I just squirted it on the fabric and smoothed it over the clothing with my hands. I purchased a half-yard of fur at the craft store for about $5. I formed the fur in the shape I wanted and machine-sewed an edge, then hand-sewed it to the shirt. I found some ribbon on a gift bag, hot-glued it into a bow-tie and glued it to the fur. For the “legwarmers”, I cut the sleeves off an old sweater, for the white arm legging I machine-sewed part of the “armless” sweater to form the legging. The black arm legging was 2 pairs of old legwarmers we bunched together and cut a thumb hole in. I then attached yarn around the leggings with a hot glue gun.

The wig was actually a brown mullet wig that I paid $6 for and cut and spray-painted black. While spray painting I formed the ears and shaped the wig. For the tail I cut the leg off a pair of old black pantyhose, machine-sewed the hose in half lengthwise, stuffed with old trouser socks, then hand sewed to the back of costume. I used $1.99 Spirit white grease “paint” on the face and liquid eyeliner for the details. I found the black ballet flats at Gabriel’s for $5.99.

Hope you like our Homemade Mr Mistoffelees Costume Idea.

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