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Coolest Homemade Mortal Kombat Halloween Costume Ideas

Growing up in the early 90’s, my sister and I were OBSESSED with MK!

Over the last several months, we frequented this site. We saw a bunch of interesting costumes, very fun and unique. What we didn’t see a lot of were homemade Mortal Kombat Halloween costume ideas. So, that’s when we decided, we needed to come up with some kick butt costumes!

In general, our costumes weren’t too difficult to put together! The most difficult part were the face masks! For Mileena, Kitana, and Sub-Zero, we glued colored fabric to a painter’s mask.

This is the breakdown for costume creation:

Mileena & Kitana- Since Mileena is Kitana’s clone, the costume is Identical! Just a different color. My sister (Kitana) and I found the leotard suits from a dance magazine. It couldn’t have been more perfect! We ordered opera length gloves in purple and blue from amazon.com. As mentioned earlier, we measured fabric (stretchier) and hot glued it to a painter’s mask. We left enough fabric on to tie around our neck. We took a smaller piece (perhaps 2 inches) of the same fabric to tie around our foreheads, just below the hairline! Totally 90s, right??

The boot covers were a little more difficult. I took the same purple fabric and hot glued it over some bootcovers from an older Batgirl costume. My sister, after having a lot of difficulty, ended up cutting the long sleeves off a blue shirt and wore them like leg warmers. Once the entire outfit was on, we just added thicker black belts we each already owned.

Now for accessories!! I bought some plastic sais at a Halloween store and added silver duct tape all over. For Kitana’s fans, we found some online that were silver and gold sided. We just used the same silver duct tape to cover the gold. This made it look ten times better, and much more accurate to Kitana’s fans!!!

Final touch. Step out with Raiden and Sub-Zero. There you have one awesome group costume!!

Total cost per costume: under $50. Slightly expensive, but the comments/reactions from everyone… PRICELESS

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