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Coolest Homemade Medusa Dog Unique Halloween Costume Idea

This is my 8 month old Bullboxer ( English Bulldog cross with Boxer) named Libby. I wanted to make her a costume that would be easy to wear and lightweight. In the past I have used mythology for inspiration for my children’s costumes and decided on a Medusa Dog Unique Halloween Costume Idea to make Libby.

I found a stretchy snake like fabric and measured my dog for the dress. Using stretchy fabric is important for a dog as their body shape changes drastically from standing to sitting. I made a sleeveless top and gathered fabric at the waist for the skirt. This fabric had enough stretch that fasteners were not needed and the dress just slipped over my dogs head and paws.

To make the wings I used plumbing pipe insulation which is extremely lightweight, bendable, sturdy when glued into forms and is really inexpensive. I cut a piece of pipe insulation in half lengthwise and hot glued wire running down the center. I then glued the two edges together concealing the wire inside and made the piece bendable. BE SURE TO USE LOW TEMPERATURE HOT GLUE TO AVOID BURNS AND TO PREVENT INSULATION FROM MELTING.

I then cut individual feathers from strips of the insulation and glued them onto the bendable piece until I had formed two wings. I made a collar that velcroed around my dogs neck, covered it in the same fabric as the dress and attached the wings to the collar using hot glue. I then added a strip of black craft foam around the center of the wings and the collar for extra support.

To make the snakes I cut the insulation in half and half again lengthwise. Then cut individual strips for each snake. Again I glued in wire to make the snakes bendable and glued the edges together to conceal the wire. Small clamps come in handy to make the process faster. I cut out the snake heads on the ends and hot glued on dollar store rhinestones for eyes. I made a circle that was the circumference of my dogs head and attached the snakes to it.

When putting the head piece on I bent one of the snakes under Libby’s chin and wrapped it around another snake. This costume could also be used for people and although it took two evenings to make was really inexpensive. Excluding glue it cost $6.00 to make. The really great thing is how very lightweight the end product is.

Homemade Medusa Dog Unique Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade Medusa Dog Unique Halloween Costume Idea

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