My daughter immediately wanted a homemade Maleficent costume after seeing the Maleficent movie at the drive-in this year. Done deal. I decided I was going to make her the best maleficent costume ever including all her favorite things.

She loves pretty dresses and scary things. I wanted to do the Angelina Jolie version with touches of the original Maleficent as well.

The first thing I did was make a purple princess like dress with draped sleeves. After that I made a cape with two stiff pointed collars just like Maleficent. Then I made the scepter with a dowel, electrical tape, an ornament, and glow in the dark paint. I found a ton of make up tutorials to help add that Angelina flair.

The hardest part was making the horns for the Maleficent costume. I paper mached her head to make a skull cap with a widows peak. Then I made fabric horns that I stuffed for stiffness. I covered it in fabric and attached the horns and draped a little extra fabric to make it as similar as possible.

The last detail was the wings. She had to have wings, being a fairy/queen/bad guy/good guy and all, you have to have all the details. I happened to find black wings that were great at Joanns and voila. The Maleficent costume was done.

As my daughter proudly walked around everyone came up to her to compliment her costume. Little girls were the ones that loved it the most. Gasping, ‘look it’s Maleficent’. They all knew who she was which surprised me because the movie hadn’t come out yet on DVD. I didn’t realize how much people loved this character. It was so fun, and my daughter had the look down.

I love going all out for Halloween as they are only small once. Soon she wont want to dress up but this Maleficent costume will always be an amazing memory for her. And that’s worth the work right there.