Coolest Homemade Lydia And Beetlejuice Wedding Costume

My Boyfriend and I on our first Halloween! It cost us an arm and a leg to end up making this Homemade Lydia And Beetlejuice Wedding Costume as we didn’t even think of it or start them till a few days before.

Since we had so little time eBay was out. I looked everywhere for a red dress and it was impossible to find. What I ended up finding was a white lace dress. First we tried to dye it red but parts of it just ended up pink. I went to the craft store and picked up some floral fabric spray paint and gave the dress a healthy dose of red. It didn’t smell as bad as real spray paint and was very flexible.

I made the veil out of just red tule pinned into my hair which was sprayed black with Bumble & Bumble spray powder (normally dark brown is my color). My bangs were sprayed to points like Lydias. Fake flowers, red fishnets, red lace gloves all purchased from a thrift store. Red shoes and my outfit was complete.

My boyfriend searched everywhere as well for a burgundy suit. Finally he found one at a thrift store on the other end of town and it was priced at (geeze) $100. But he bought it anyways. He got the frilly shirt from a vintage resale shop and white slip on loafers from some shoe store. I sprayed his hair and teased it and applied baby powder and then white Bumble and Bumble hair powder.

He still wears those shoes and even wore them to our own wedding last month!