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Coolest Homemade Lobster Costume

I made this lobster costume mostly from an old mermaid-style prom dress that a friend of mine wore in high school. It’s fitted down to the knee and flares out at the bottom. It had always reminded me of a lobster (I didn’t tell her that) so I thought I’d make use of it!

I cut out the claws from two large sheets of red foam I got at a craft store. I used a hot glue gun to attach two elastic hair bands on the back of each claw to slide my arms through to keep them on one just below my elbow, and one around my hand (similar to the way you would hold a shield). The claws give you full use of your hands, but can be easily removed and replaced when needed. For each antenna, I twisted two red pipe cleaners together and wrapped them around a thin elastic headband that blends in with my hair.

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