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Coolest Homemade Link from Zelda Costumes

I sewed 14 costumes this year for my grandchildren. No matter how we tried, we couldn’t talk Kallan out of being Link from the Wii game, Zelda. His brother, Riley, wanted a costume so he could “fight, fight, fight!” I had to look on the internet to see what Link even looked like. I knew I could make a better costume than I saw there.

I used an old elf pattern adjusted to look Links garb. I added decorative stitching to make it look original. For the scabbard, belt, and boots I used sued upholstery fabric and an old pattern for a sleeper. The boots had Velcro on the back seam to make them easier to get on and off. I purchased swords and sewed them to the cross band on the chest.

Mom and Dad have told me they can’t get the Homemade Link from Zelda Costumes off the kids. They are now using them as play outfits and sword fighting all the time.

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