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Coolest Homemade Lifesavers Halloween Costume

My cool homemade unique costume is life size lifesavers candy roll. I got this homemade Lifesavers Halloween costume idea when I drove by the one and only pool supply store open in the winter. The inflatable pool ring tubes represent the different flavors of the ring shaped fruit candies, they fit still and firmly on my body because their about thirty inches in diameter.

My yellow sign below the lifesavers logo says ‘Now 33% More’ because my lifesavers are much more bigger than the original sized candies they are life size! Ha ha

My hat is made of aluminum foil because lifesavers are wrapped and packaged in foil, my gray tights and heels also symbolize aluminum foil. If you can see there is a sign on my hat and it says ‘Big Value’ because these lifesavers are oversized and a great deal!

Only cost about 15 dollars to make my entire homemade Lifesavers Halloween costume and was quick and easy.

Homemade Lifesavers Halloween Costume

Homemade Lifesavers Halloween Costume

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