There have been many people who have gone as Lego people, but we wanted to do something that, to our knowledge, has never been done before. After thinking of the many different types of Lego themes, we decided on Lego Batman characters! And so, after brainstorming on how to actually accomplish this feat, we began our Homemade Lego Batman, Robin, Joker and Penguin Costumes.

We bought craft foam and cut O shapes and a circle to start the heads. We spaced them out and glued them to dowel rods to make a basic frame. We then wrapped it with window screen to form a backing and paper mache’d over it and painted it.

For the bodies, we cut out cardboard, duct-taped it together and painted the design as close to the real Legos as possible. We connected the legs to the bodies by creating a hinge system out of cardboard, PVC pipe and dowels.

Overall, these took about 250 hours to make, and about $200 (mostly in craft paint and duct tape). These were a huge hit on Halloween and I and three college friends had a blast making them!