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Coolest Homemade LeeLoo from Fifth Element Costume

I chose to be LeeLoo, the perfect being from the movie Fifth Element. In order to make this Homemade LeeLoo from Fifth Element Costume, I bought a short orange wig with bangs and sprayed some black strips in it because that is how it looked in the movie.

Then I cut a regular white tee shirt to make it a belly shirt. I bought gold tights and wore them inside out (they had a zipper on them) and had black zip up boots. I bought green toy water guns and spray painted them black. For the orange band, I had large orange silky material and cut it into 2 large Y’s. Then I sewed it according to my measurements. I made believe it was a very large thong.

At the end, I sewed the 2 Y’s together to get the band. Then I cut different sized holes in it to make it look exactly like the movie. I also glued a black belt onto the tights.

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