I chose this Homemade Leeloo and Korben Dallas from the Fifth Element Couple Costume because I love the fifth element and it was a fun costume that I’ve never seen anyone wear before. I bought a long orange wig on amazon, cut it short, and twisted sections with mousse. The t-shirt was a ribbed shirt that I found in a bag we were going to donate and I cropped it. I bought the leggings at rainbow and spray painted the sides with gold fabric paint and lined the front and side with a black fabric marker.

The boots were some black winter boots that I already had and I bought the multipass off amazon as well. The suspenders were the hardest part to make for this costume. I attempted to make them from orange electrical tape and FAILED. So I bought orange suspenders and cut the clips off, then created the y shape by stitching the back straps one on top of another. Then I traced a quarter to create the hole pattern and cut them out.

This costume took the most work out of every other costume I’ve made for Halloween, but it was prob the most fun to wear. My boyfriend went as Korben Dallas and everyone would stop at the Halloween party and say wait! fifth element? I love that movie!

The Korben Dallas costume:

This costume is based on Bruce Willis’ character from the movie The Fifth Element. We went as a couple, Leeloo and Korben Dallas. For my costume I took a white A neck ribbed tank and dyed it with goldfish orange fabric dye from Joann’s. I bought the jacket from old navy and the pants from K-mart. The boots were timberland snow boots. We painted a nerf gun black and silver to make it look like Korben’s gun from the movie. My hair is naturally dark brown and my girlfriend sprayed it with blonde temporary hair dye from Walgreens.