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Coolest Homemade Karate Kid Shower Costume

Everyone loves a homemade costume referencing pop culture from the 80’s. I love the irony of creating a Halloween costume from movie character’s Halloween costume. For the record, every guy at the party instantly knew who I was in my Homemade Karate Kid Shower Costume, but all of the girls were clueless. All the materials cost about $65, but it was well worth every penny.

I purchased a wooden fabric wheel and the red and white fabric for the shower curtain from a local fabric store. The hoop is supported by two copper pipes that attached to a wood board. The board fits perfectly in a backpack; the waist strap was needed to keep the whole shower from falling forward over me. A third piece of pipe attached to an empty aluminum soup can with silver tassels to serve as the shower head with running water.

The final touch was an old white t-shirt that I cut for a head band; I drew the Karate Kid markings on the headband with a Sharpie.

The shower fit three people comfortably!

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  1. Son of bitch, I thought I was the first person to think of this. Don’t tell anyone, as I will use your suggestions for my costume this year.


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