Coolest Homemade Jessica and Roger Rabbit Couple Costume

This is how we made our Homemade Jessica and Roger Rabbit Couple Costume. For Jessica, I was able to find a thrift store tight red halter dress for $7 (which was incredible, considering we had already decided on costumes). I had to do a few alterations, such as adding the slit. It didn’t show up in the pictures very well, but I bought glitter and poured it all over the dress to make it shine in the light. I was able to find a wig, fake eyelashes, gloves, purple eyeshadow, and bright red lipstick. I added some extra jewelry too for effect. Not to mention my 5 inch heels to give the added height ;-)

For Roger, I bought 2 red ties, and sewed big yellow buttons on them, then attached them to red pants as suspenders (I could not for the life of me find red overalls!). I attached yellow buttons on the back as well. I bought the rabbit ears, which unfortunately did not have the pink, so I also bought pink felt, cut it to size, and added it to the white ears. We also bought a plastic lei, wrapped it around a wire hanger, and attached it to the middle of the ears for Roger’s tuft of hair. A big bow tie, a bunny tail, a white bald cap, and some white gloves and some white paint completed the outfit. Oh, and for good measure, he carried around handcuffs all night, sporadically arresting people who he would call Eddie Valient. And of course, he slouched for much of the night for the height difference.