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Coolest Homemade Ironman Halloween Costume

I started this Homemade Ironman Halloween Costume on a whim in May 2009. My idea was to build a movie-accurate Ironman suit for my four year old, complete with working LED chest piece and glowing eyes.

The process began by building a paper model of each part which was subsequently fiberglassed on the inside to provide rigidity. Body filler and shaping (oh so much shaping was the next step and ultimately became the most time-consuming part!). Each prototype piece was shaped by hand with some assistance of a dremel tool or hand sander.

Once all the prototype parts had been constructed, I proceeded to build silicone molds with a plaster outer shell so that I could case urethane plastic pieces which would be hollow and very light weight. Once the pieces were cast, sanded, primed, and painted, a harness system was created and installed as well as copious amounts of Velcro to keep all the pieces attached.

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