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Coolest Homemade Hunter and his Dead Dear Costume

We made our own costumes this year. I like hunting so we came up with the idea of a Homemade Hunter and his Dead Dear Costume. My camo hunting pants, rubber boots (which you cant see in the pic) carhart vest, blood smeared white Tee shirt, unibrow and handlebar mustache (black makeup) dirty looking face and bloody stained hands and beer belly. Camo hat bent so its more flat on the rim.

My wife got an inexpensive brown dress,brown leggings, and wore her brown leather boots with the fur. She bought some fake white fur from the craft store to make her deer belly, pinned it to her dress. We make a bloody bullet hole in the furry belly. The antlers are from the pet store as they are for a large dog for Christmas costume, they also light up. She also has a white fur tail pinned to her lower back that looks like a deer tail.

Then she painted doe eyes, a black nose and blood coming from her mouth like a deer that’s been shot. The costumes were a hit at a pretty large party. People said we should have won if there was a contest.

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