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Coolest Homemade Hunter and Dear Costume

My husband wore his typical hunting attire along with a mullet wig. My husband was especially excited about the wig because he is bald. We wired some antlers to a brown stocking cap for the deer costume. The antlers were a little heavy and I couldn’t turn my head too quickly!

We used black felt for the hooves and safety pinned them on the sleeves of my shirt and bottom of my pants. I wore brown face paint and black face paint on my nose. I also made a target on my back that said, “Captured 7 years ago and he hasn’t shot me yet”! My vest was from Walmart and already had the fur attached to it, which was perfect!

This is the first time we dressed up as a couple and we really had a lot of fun with this Homemade Hunter and Dear Costume. My husband is an avid hunter so this was an easy costume to talk him into.

 Hunter and Dear Costume

 Hunter and Dear Costume

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  1. What a good idea! I was looking for a quick couple costume I can do in a week’s time–my husband is an avid deer hunter so he already has his costume. I just need to make mine–he has plenty of antlers. How did you do the tail?


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