This year, I went in a Homemade House That Fell on the Witch of the East Halloween Costume in The Wizard of Oz. To make the house portion, I spray painted a moving box white, cut out arm and head holes, and then used construction paper to make windows, doors, curtains, and bushes. For anyone else wanting to try this, I would recommend trying to use white butcher paper to cover the box – spray painting took a while and looked a bit blotchy, and I couldn’t really shake the paint smell.

For the roof hat (it’s a bit crooked in the picture), I used a Styrofoam square as the base. I hollowed out a space for my head and painted it brown. Then, I made the top and sides out of cardboard, used hot glue to fasten it to the Styrofoam, and covered the cardboard in leftover wall paper that looked rather shingle-like. I covered it once, and then made smaller rectangles to layer like shingles. Then, I simply bought some black and white striped tights and rented some Dorothy shoes, and all I had to do was sit down and let the legs come out from under the house.