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Coolest Homemade Homer Simpson and Duff Beer Can Costumes

My husband is a true Simpson fanatic, so I suggested he be Homer for Halloween. But because I didn’t want to be Marge and walk around with a big, blue hair-do, I suggested I pose as a can of Homer’s favorite beverage, Duff Beer!

For Homer, we purchased a pre-made Homer mask and then went to a thrift store for an oversized white collared shirt (big enough to stuff a pillow under), a long sleeved yellow turtleneck shirt, and some funky blue pants. He wore some old black sneakers for shoes. Then we rubbed yellow Halloween type make-up on all his exposed skin areas.

For the Duff Beer can, I went to a large discount chain store (you know the one!) and purchased a very inexpensive cream colored collapsible laundry hamper. I cut out the bottom so I could walk around in it. Conveniently, it already had little canvas handles that I was able to use as shoulder straps to keep it from falling down. Then I simply printed off a picture of a Duff Beer can from the internet and painted the hamper with acrylic craft paint to look like the actual can.

As a couple of added details, I scrunched a bunch of tin foil into the shape of a big turkey leg and spray painted it tan. I was also thinking of something else Homer would like and decided to string some powdered doughnuts around my neck as a necklace (not shown in picture). Besides Marge, I was truly Homer’s dream girl and our Homemade Homer Simpson and Duff Beer Can Costumes were a great hit!

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