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Coolest Homemade Gingerbread Man’s Revenge Costume

I really liked the idea of the headless horseman and was thinking of something different and ghoulish to make. After watching Shrek with my kids I came up with this Homemade Gingerbread Man’s Revenge Costume on Gramma.

I bought yards and yards of beige felt and cut out a front and back in the shape of a gingerbread man making sure that my head was at the height of the gingerbread man’s arms. I sewed the two sides together and used Velcro to fasten the inside seam of each leg. The costume has to be accessed from the bottom up and so it has to be lifted above my head and then slipped down over me. I then cut out and hand sewed on white pieces for the frosting and black pieces for the eyes, eyebrows, etc. I also cut out and hand sewed on gumdrop buttons.

I also made sure that the arms were long enough to come together in the front to hold up and support the cookie sheet.

I took a regular metal cookie sheet and cut out the back so my neck and head would fit in and covered it with tin foil. I then lined the opening with a granny like lace collar and covered it with fake blood. I also smeared the pan to look like there was blood spilling out on the pan. This gave the effect that granny’s head had been severed and put on the cookie sheet.

The entire head was stuffed with a hard foam and then both the head and arms were stuffed with a lot of quilt batting.

After the upper part of the suit was sewn and stuffed, I used a metal frame backpack to support the head above my shoulders. It is actually quite light and easy to carry.

The costume is over 7 feet tall.

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2 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Gingerbread Man’s Revenge Costume”

  1. That is Fabulous! I’ve seen so many headless or head on a plate costumes but this is really great. So unique and funny. “Not my gumdrop buttons!!!”

  2. When I saw your costume, I knew just by looking at the picture that it was amazing! The instructions were simple, but it’s just one-out of-a-few amazing outcomes of a simple structured design. Next year for Halloween, I’m so going to try it out! Love what you came up with, and keep up the good work!


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