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Coolest Homemade Gene Simmons Rock God Costume

My 8 year old son knew he wanted to dress up as Gene Simmons for at least 6 months before Halloween. We looked at various Kiss stage costumes and came up with this homemade Gene Simmons Rock God costume.

We took his old hockey chest pads and covered then in silver tape. I then hand painted scales on the chest. With Model Magic I created some spikes for the shoulders, which we attached with rubber cement. I made a black cape out of an old sheet and then added the silver stud detail with puff fabric paint.

I also detailed a pair of black leggings with puff paint to create a cod-piece and knee detail. He added a black belt from his wardrobe. Black boots were purchased from a used clothing store. I created dragon heads on the boots with Model Magic and then painted in some detail. I also added some detail to the top of the boots.

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