My son loves Volkswagen Bugs. So I thought I would surprise him and make him a bug for Halloween. At first, I was going to make the bug all black and put flames on the sides, but I wasn’t sure how to dress him. On the way to dropping my daughter’s off at dance, I passed a Geek Squad Volkswagen bug. So I decided to go with a homemade Geek Squad Halloween costume.

I started out by buying a large piece of styrofoam from a hardware store. I then drew a pattern of a Volkswagen bug. Next, I cut out two bug patterns with an electric knife, which didn’t work as well as I thought it would, so I finished up with a razor blade. Then I had to make the front and back pieces. Luckily, I had been saving various sized boxes for months. I needed corrugated cardboard, so that it could be rounded on the front and back. I measured the pieces I needed and started to fold the cardboard as if I was making a paper fan. This helped round out the front and back ends. I then taped both ends with duct tape.

Next I cut a hole for his head. I also added smiley face tap lights as headlights by cutting a hole and duct taping them on. To make the car sturdier, I used paper mache. I used cut up phonebook pages instead of newspaper. When everything was dry I painted the car with white, silver and black paint. I found a Geek Squad logo on the computer and printed it out. For the straps, I cut and hot glued on my son’s white belt that he used for karate. These straps were perfect because they were thick and sturdy.

Next, I dressed him in a white shirt and black pants. I made the tie out of back felt. My daughter added the glasses for extra “geekness”. He really enjoyed “driving” the homemade Geek Squad Halloween costume, even if it was only for just one night.