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Coolest Homemade Frog Costume

I got the idea for this Homemade Frog Costume from another costume on this website for a toddler, and adjusted it for me. I went to a local thrift store and bought pants and a sweatshirt that nearly matched. I hand-sewed the black felt patches on it. The slippers were a pair of my sister’s, they were supposed to be monster feet. They were really worn out, so she let me take them and I spray painted them orange.

The eyes are Styrofoam balls that I painted red. My husband figured out how to get them to stick on the sweatshirt without ruining it, he carved a shallow indent on the bottom of the ball and twisted a paper-clip into it. We used the magnets from the back of our work name tags to keep the eyes in place on top of my head. Unfortunately toward the end of the night, I bounced in victory a little too hard (after sending our music minister into the dunk tank) and I lost one of the magnets.

Overall, it was a pretty big hit.

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