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Coolest Homemade Frog Costumes for Halloween

These are the most awesome, croaking, frolicking frog costumes! Made of lean, green, jumping machines, this collection will inspire you to start crafting your best DIY costume this Halloween.

Discover how to create a real likeness of the slimy, water loving animal. Take a look at the amazing templates here for all the frog features. Also, awesome accessories include a lily pad, a fly and a flicking tongue.

You will also see many different types of frogs. For instance check out unbelievably adorable Mama and Baby leopard frogs. And the cutest toddler red eyed tree frog costume.

In addition, a frog family makes an amazing homemade group costume. Check out the group of moms and kids who went together as adorable frogs. It works for all ages and comes with fantastic instructions.

So check out these remarkably fun amphibious DIY costumes and get inspired for Halloween!