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Coolest Homemade Four Musketeers Costume

I had been wanting to do the Homemade Four Musketeers Costume for a while. I didn’t want to leave my husband out either. I could not find costumes that would fit all of them and be the same so I decided to make them since I can sew.

I got a nice blue fabric from the store, and got enough to make 4 tunics. I used silver blanket binding for all the edging. I decided to use ironing board material to make the design on the fronts, it was very cheep. I bought this material called wonder-under. You basically make your own iron-ons, so I drew the design and the crosses, ironed on the transfer material, then cut out each piece, peeled off the backing and ironed them on the front of the tunics, this came out better than I could have imagined.

I got some fake hair clips for $2 from the dollar store, cut the hair off the clips and glued the hair into some hats I purchased, white shirts which everyone had already, a pair of khaki pants or leggins and I made the boot covers out of some vinyl from the fabric store. Some fake mustaches, Oh, and lets not forget the swords, what boy could be a Musketeer without a sword.

The costumes were a hit, and I learned to sew better during the process!

Four Musketeers Costume

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  1. What a great job! My 3 yr old daughter is dying to be a Barbie musketeer and I think the whole family can join in on the fun! Bravo!


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