We decided this year to have a group Halloween theme. My friend, Christina, and I have toddlers 6 weeks apart and we thought it would be perfect to dress them up as Pebbles and Bam-Bam. Then we figured, the kids can’t do it alone! So, I designed, re-created and sewed seven costumes for the group. We had Wilma, Fred, & Pebbles Flintstone along with Barney, Betty & Bam-Bam, both baby and teenager, Rubble. This Homemade Flintstone’s and The Rubble’s Group Costume was really the coolest!

We also decided that, should the kids get tired when trick-or-treating, we did not want to carry them. So, I searched the internet and saw pictures of a Flintstone car recreated on Instructables, which seemed the perfect answer. The Instructable didn’t have measurements, so I had to start from scratch, but it turned out great.

I was hoping to find a pattern at the fabric store for some of the costumes, but was not successful. I, therefore, made all the costumes from scratch with my own patterns.

Fred Flintstone: I used a large T-shirt as a pattern and twill fabric for his costumec. The tie was cut from Betty’s fabric (cotton interlock) and the black triangles were cut and ironed on with Pellon.

Wilma Flintstone: I used a snug-fitting tank top for a pattern and used cotton interlock fabric to make the costume. I sewed a few seams and, luckily, it fit perfectly, The necklace is made of different-sized white Styrofoam balls on elastic string.

Pebbles Flintstone: I used a small shirt as a pattern and regular cotton fabric for the costume. The black triangles were cut and ironed on with Pellon.

Barney Rubble: I used a large T-shirt as a pattern and twill fabric for the costume. The yellow “X” was made from ribbon.

Betty Rubble: I used cotton interlock fabric and a tank top for a pattern. I hemmed the back straight across and put elastic to hold it up. To make the halter top, a semi-circular curve was cut from the bottom of each armpit in the front to the neckline. I sewed ribbons to the neckline to tie around my neck. I made a rectangle of fabric and squeezed it in the middle to make the bow. Then I wrapped a piece of ribbon around it and hot-glued it to a barrette.

Baby Bam-Bam & Teenage Bam-Bam: I used fleece for the skirt/shorts and a flannel strip for the strap and hot-glued on a rawhide dog bone. I used a baby skirt to design the pattern for baby Bamm-Bamm and a pair of gym shorts to design the pattern for teenage Bamm-Bamm.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. We had a blast and got stopped several times trick-or-treating for other people to take our picture. We were certainly a hit!