My sophmore year of college I decided to cut my hair really short and all of my friends told me I should dress up like Pebbles for Halloween. After looking on every Halloween website known to man I gave up and decided to make my own. In the mist of everything my boyfriend now decides he wants to be Bam Bam and do the costume with me. Now on my search for the perfect costume I had to think how I would make his too.

To make my costume I bought a lime green T-shirt from AC Moore and cut it into a cropped tank top.I cut the bottom of the shirt in triangles to give it more of a cave man look. Then I cut out patches of felt and hot glued it to the shirt to make the patches. I found some short blue shorts on a dancers website to match Pebbles blue and green but to still make it cute. I found this perfect bone hair clip and attached it to a small pony tail on top of my head. I wore moccasins for shoes but put these lace up cave man shoes over them to look the part.

Now I needed to find orange pants for my boyfriend. I thought “what store in their right mind would ever sell orange pants”?….Walmart. I found them and legit could kiss the group after searching every store for these things. I cut the bottom of them to make them into long shorts in the same style as my shirt. I also used the felt patches on these and I bought brown ribbon to tie a sash around them which I attached to a dog toy bone in the front. He didn’t want to wear a shirt but wore a white t shirt until we got to the party.

I don’t know if anyone didn’t say awe the second they saw us. Definitely easy and worth trying!