Coolest Homemade Female Roger Rabbit Costume

This homemade female Roger Rabbit costume all started with a basic red romper. I replaced the original buttons with yellow ones and cuffed the bottom of the shorts. I found white & blue polka-dot fabric and painted in the white circles with yellow fabric paint. Using the modified fabric and yellow ribbon, my sister sewed up the bow-tie and included a clasp in the back for easy removal.

I purchased a set of plain bunny ears and added a tuft of cotton that I colored in with an orange marker. The yellow knit mittens were already a part of my wardrobe (Jessica Rabbit was not homemade, but made a nice accessory to my homemade Roger Rabbit costume!)

Homemade Female Roger Rabbit Costume

Homemade Female Roger Rabbit Costume

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  1. Thank you so much for this post. It inspired me! My husband and I did Jessica and Roger and this put a cute twist on the Roger costume. I got so many compliments, but it was all because of your post. Thank you for the creativity!

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