Coolest Homemade Disney Up Family Costume

My husband is a bit of a robot, he never cries not even when he watched me give birth to our children. However I made him sit down and watch the movie UP one night and he let the water works flow.  I cry everytime I watch that movie but wanted to know what about the movie made this man of steel turn to mush. He said it was because the movie reminded him of us; we have been on many adventures and done many things but his favorite adventure was me and our family. Needles to It became our “thing” and it was only fitting that we recruit our kids and dress up as the cast for halloween.

This is a list of things I used and or did to achieve the looks….

Carl and Ellie:

Everything Carl is wearing was purchased at Macys but I am sure you can find the items anywhere mens clothing is sold. All you need is a white button up shirt, a bow tie (any color), black suspenders, and dress pants.

For Ellie I purchased everything from TJ Maxx.  I bought red none prescription glasses, a nude dress and a yellow cardigan (I only wore black stockings because it was freezing out).

I purchased a dozen helium balloons that we carried around with us. I used white hair spray that I purchased at the spirit store to age our hair. To age our faces I used a light brown eyebrown pencil to make wrinkles across our fore heads, around the eyes, and mouth.


I was able to purchse the pants and shirt at Old Navy. His Merit Badge sash was made by  sewing two pieces of brown felt together and hot gluing decorative bottle caps that I found at Jo-Ann Fabric to the sash.


I purchased a parrot costume as it was the closest thing i could find to a snipe.

We had so much fun dressing up! The best experience was when I had to stop at the liquor store to purchase wine for a halloween party we were attending and the cashier kept looking at my birthdate (I am really 22 years old) and my face (which at the time looked 80) and could not put two and two together.

Coolest Homemade Disney Up Family Costume

Coolest Homemade Disney Up Family Costume

Coolest Homemade Disney Up Family Costume