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Coolest Homemade Delivery Boy and Package Couple Costume

For Halloween we wanted to wear a unique creative couple costume rather than a boring common one. After brainstorming, we finally came up with the idea for a UPS man and a package!

This costume is humorous, fun, and perfect for a comical couple. First I purchased stamps and shipping labels from the UPS store. I placed them all over the box. Then I addressed the box to Santa.

For the top I wore a tank top and placed the box on top. Also there was a fragile, ‘handle with care’ sticker on the back of the box. For the bottoms I wore brown tights and a gold tutu. For a finishing touch I added a bow sash on my hair to represent a package.

For the UPS man, he wore a regular brown polo with khaki shorts. Also from the ups store I purchased the UPS hat. We also created UPS labels with sparkly paper and sharpie markers.

This homemade delivery boy and package couple costume was inexpensive to create and so much fun to wear. We received many complements for our creativity.

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  1. I used your idea for mine & my boy friends costume this year. I am currently pregnant & due in June. So I also put a “delivery date” stamp on it that says June 2013. (:


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