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Coolest Homemade Cyborg Costume

I was invited to ‘tryout’ for a haunted maze. I started off making a list of cool things I had around the house. I wanted to have a “second head” mounted above mine for a tall stature so with that, I drew the costume on paper using some of these items from the list. I pulled out all the stuff I had listed and began assembling it. One idea lead to another and whalla, a Homemade Cyborg Costume was born.

The base of the costume is a tree trimming safety harness. I had a metal utility box that I screwed to it to make a solid foundation for the conduit up the middle to mount the second head to. It’s a plastic bowl with a welding helmet screwed to it. Flag pole brackets screwed to the sides of the box hold the Kamas (knife weapons). I used some lightweight vacuum hose for the tubing and wear tall rubber boots and knee pads.

The only things I didn’t have were the grassy bunches, the corn stock things and the netting stuff. I borrowed the grass and corn stuff and bought the netting.

I have $6.00 in this costume. It takes about 10 minutes to put it on and weighs about 40 pounds but it freaks people out in the haunted maze.

Cyborg Costume

Cyborg Costume

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