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Coolest Homemade Corpse Bride and Groom Costume

We started our Corpse Bride and Groom Costume with going to the local thrift store to find ideas. Came across a wedding dress that fit perfect, so off to the guys area to find a suit. I stopped at the fabric store and just sewed in black and blue tulle onto the dress. Then took a scissor and cut up the dress and suit. Hot glued fake spiders and cockroaches onto both the outfits. Then hung them up outside and tossed fake blood all over them. I made the hat out of tulle, black foam paper from the craft store and an old headband. Be creative. That basically finishes the outfits.

Now comes the hair. First the man needs to grow out a beard before the date. You want to pick up white Halloween hair spray. Spray it all over your hair and beard. The girl can style her hair however is comfortable and spray with white or black or blue (whatever color you prefer) Halloween hair spray. Now come make up. There are many videos all over the web for Halloween make-up. We went with the slit mouth and throat, with blood coming out of the eyes. Black eyeshadow always comes in handy also. And some pail powder foundation can help with the dead look too.

Well there you have it.

Homemade Corpse Bride and Groom Costume

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