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Coolest Homemade Chocolate Donut Costume

This Chocolate Donut Costume was my daughter’s costume for Halloween 2009. It was SO easy and fun. I took an innertube, blew it up, and spray painted it brown all over. You don’t really have to spray the underside, since you pretty much won’t see that part of the costume. Then, when it was dry I used a bunch of pre-cut neon colored drinking straws to hot glue to the “donut”. I also formed an inside sash with duct tape. I attached two layers of duct tape to each other (sticky sides together) to form a long strap. I then attached the strap to the inside of the donut.

She LOVED it and it was super easy! I MADE her go to the donut shop and they all went nuts over how cute she was. Of course, she got a free donut. Note: keep a supply of the pre-cut straws because the more you wear it, the more they fall off. But they are easy to repair.

I thought it would be cute to wear one of the Krispy Kreme donut hats that they give to the kids, but my daughter wasn’t interested. Have fun and Happy Halloween!

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