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Coolest Homemade Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Family Costume

I wanted to do a family theme this year for our friends Halloween party! So I came up with the idea of a “Homemade Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Family Costume!”

My children’s costumes were very in-expensive (all I had to purchase was a $1 hat for my son and a purple wig for my daughter ~$7 and some purple face paint!)!

The idea for the whole theme came to me when I was shopping for costumes and came across my top hat ~$8 (I knew right then that I had to be Mr. Willy Wonka!)

Other than making Charlie’s “Golden ticket” and the “W” neck shrine for Mr. Wonka, the rest of our costumes were just put together with whatever clothes we could find at home! We found some pretty cool stuff!

Charlie: my son had the perfect coat to match the $1 poorboy hat and the perfect corduroy pants!

Violet: my daughter had the perfect purple athletic suit and purple “gum” boots (and she didn’t mind chewing a big wad of grape bubble “gum” — it just went with the costume ha! ha!)

Mr. Willy Wonka: I found my husbands old vest and a pair of striped pants and the perfect jacket! I also found the perfect stick!

FINALLY for the WONKA BAR! it was a bit tricky, but not expensive at all! I got lucky again because I just happened to have a huge card board box at home (my husband is a little over six feet)! I cut the box in half and I trimmed the bottom side so it would be easier to hold it over his feet! Then I cut a hole for the face! I used foil paper on both ends of the card board (I suggest you use a good brand because of wear and tear). Then I purchased some red wrapping paper (good brand) and covered the card board length wise. For the hole cut the wrapping paper in the center and fold it back and tape it on the inside. Then I painted the dark red swirls on the wrapping paper! Then I got some white, yellow and silver wrapping paper for the letters and cut and pasted them (you have to bring out your artistic skills). I used gold wrapping paper for the stamp, writing on it with a black marker.

And for the part that caught everyone’s attention, the chocolate, I first cut out the corner of the card board with a sharp blade in the shape of a bite mark (a u shape with teeth marks). Then I got some Styrofoam to fill the corner (it works best if you break it down). It looks like milk chocolate after painting the corner of card board and Styrofoam chocolatey brown (you can purchase any craft paint for ~$1). Mmmm it looks so good!

All the work for this one costume was well worth it! As a family we looked AWESOME!

P.S. the net weight on the chocolate wrapper is ~ right!

 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Costume

 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Costume

 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Costume

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  1. That’s brilliant! My daughter’s teacher has just asked me to make a chocolate costume for her, and this has given me some ideas for mine. GREAT job!

  2. Such a good idea! im making one myself for school and was wondering where on earth you would get a box that size! I’ve looked everywhere!!!


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