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Coolest Homemade Captain America Costume

This is my Captain America costume. I made it entirely from scratch. I wore it to the “comic book hero”-themed Halloween party I held last night at my apartment. The pants are women’s leggings that took me 2 weeks to find. I finally sent my girlfriend into a clothing store to find me these epic blue spandex.

The shield is a snow sled that I was lucky enough to find at a store that happened to have their winter stuff out already. I made the mask out of an old bed sheet and taught myself to sew! The shirt consists of about 4 different shirts, cut up, and glued together. I went through 4 cans of spray paint and a roll of duct tape making the shield and boots.

The gloves are heavy-duty work gloves that took a whole can of red spray paint to alter. The whole getup took around 20 hours to complete and it was totally worth it. I wore it all day at work and startled many people with my obnoxiously prominent package!

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