Coolest Captain America Costume

This is my version of a Captain America costume.. I wanted it to be as comfortable and as practical as possible..

After looking at as many Captain America costume pictures I could find, I used the idea I had in mind, mixed with any other input I could find online, including this site.. The Captain America Costume is fun to wear and fun to make.

The costume consists of: A thicker white under armor shirt, A red shirt cut into strips to make stripes, A navy blue t-shirt cut down (star sewn on front and back), A pair of navy blue work pants, A pair of shoes painted red and covered, A pair of red cloves and glove covers/gauntlets. A black belt, Also an additional navy blue t-shirt to make the hood.. This was the hardest part! I backed the hood with and additional stretchy fabric, customized and glued in a plastic mask. (to help keep the form) I also made a jacket to go with it! (to stay warm on Halloween night!)

I wish you all the best in your costume making! Enjoy and have some fun! & stay safe…

Captain America Costume

Captain America Costume

Captain America Costume

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