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Coolest Homemade Candy Corn Baby Costume

I made this Homemade Candy Corn Baby Costume for my daughter in 2006. You never know if it will be cold here on Halloween! Just in case it was, I decided to make this candy corn costume out of fleece. Hint: Make sure you wash and dry your fabric according to the directions to prevent the fabric from puckering after future washes.

I bought three small pieces of fleece in orange, yellow, and white and the smallest snaps package. I also bought a long sleeved orange onesie for her to wear under the costume for added warmth. (You can add leggings, tights, or orange mittens too!)

I didn’t use a pattern and pretty much eyeballed the size I needed. I cut the white fabric into a large triangle and folded it in half (so I only had to sew one long seam down the side). Then I cut a slightly larger trapezoid shape and sewed it to the white triangle (hint: your seams will be hidden if the fabric is turned inside out). Next I cut an orange rectangular piece and sewed it to the yellow.

Then with the fabric still inside out I sewed a seam down the length (side) of the costume. Next I cut a large rectangle out of the middle and two smaller end pieces to make the straps. I cut one of the straps in half (where the top of the shoulder would be) and attached the snap closure (you just lightly tap it into the fabric). This made it easier to slip her into the costume.

I wanted to keep her head warm too so I made a little hat out of the leftover orange fabric using a flat circle and approximately two inch band. I am not a great seamstress so this was the hardest part for me, but it served the purpose!

Finally I used my sharp sewing scissors to cut a small slit in the front and back of the costume to accommodate her car seat. I didn’t want to take her costume off every time we got in the vehicle!

She was my favorite treat of the night!

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