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Coolest Homemade Corn Dog Costume

I am the corn dog and I’ve been bitten into, so the corn dog coating has been eaten off of the top and you can see the exposed hot dog that’s inside the coating (that’s my head, the wiener).

I Googled corn dog and noticed that most of the images only had mustard on them, so I only added mustard to the corn dog. I also added the stick, to make a more convincing corn dog and to try to avoid being confused with a hot dog.

I made this Homemade Corn Dog Costume out of foam from an upholstery store. I spray painted it and cut it to fit my body. I glued it together with a hot glue gun.

The head covering (hot dog part) was made from a paprika-colored thigh-high. I cut a hole for my face and then I painted my face the same color.

I also wore red high heels to make it sort of a “sexy” corn dog, just to be funny. I also thought the red heels could signify ketchup.

It was great! Everyone loved it! It was a little difficult to sit in, but I made due!

Corn Dog Costume

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