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Cool DIY Bird Costume

I made this homemade bird costume for my daughter when she was 2 years old. I started with a pair of yellow sweat pants and a yellow zip jacket. I cut out a white oval for the belly to add some contrast and make it look more “costumey”. I found a yellow and white boa at the craft store and sewed pieces of it around the legs, arms and around the hood of the jacket.

I used two white puff balls for the eyeballs and glued on wiggly eyes. I cut out an orange piece of foam board and sewed that on the front of the hood for the beak. I also made orange shoe covers for the feet. For this I cut it out the shape and size of her shoes with a hole in the back for her foot to fit through. I sewed a piece of elastic to both of the sides so that it would contour over her shoes and stay on her feet.

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