Coolest Homemade Beaker Halloween Costume

Beaker is my favorite Muppet and really he gets all the laughs so who wouldn’t want to be him? I got the idea to make this Homemade Beaker Halloween Costume from your website but added my own twists to it.

I bought a twin sized egg crate foam bed pad from Target and everything else from the craft store. I cut down the egg crate to the the height I wanted including long flaps in the front and back with space cut out for the shoulders Folding it in a tube shape, I pinned the back seam closed and used a hot glue gun to seal up the seam.

I bought two Styrofoam balls, one square piece of felt that I shaped and stuffed for the nose, and a red fleathery boa for the hair. All were attached using a hot glue Gun. I did take an extra piece of egg crate foam to fill the top of the head and have a place to glue the feathers. I bought a lab coat on sale (although you could probably find one online cheap as well) and borrowed a button down shirt and tie from a friend.

My friends loved this costume and so did I. It only took me one night to put together but impressed everyone.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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